Registration or RSVP

Registrations or RSVPs – we can set up online registrations or rsvps, manual registrations (or phone if applicable) so your guests can RSVP in the way the suits them best. We’ve done Online Registrations for: Everyone! Conferences, events that require RSVPs (whereby you provide us a guest list), events that require no payments, events that require payment… Online registrations as part of the conference website, or online registrations only.   As the Conference Organiser, we can provide the following internet registration / online registration services:
  • Organise a secure Online Registration weblink for your events to be set up and you will have full IT support.
  • Develop an easy to use Online Registration Form for people to register and make payment in approx 10-15 minutes.
  • 24 hour access to the Online Registrations – this means that your guests can register or RSVP during or after work hours. Staffed office from 10:00am till 05:00pm Monday to Friday. Our staff will handle all enquiries. We’ll have all the online registration in front of us or be able to get back to them as quickly as possible.
  • We still accept manual registrations! Although online registrations are very popular, all potential delegates and guests should have as many registration options as possible to them, so we still accept and process manual registrations by e-post. Where applicable, RSVPs by the phone are also accepted.
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